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Fairy Hair

Bring magic to your hair with our fun, colorful, sparkly fairy hair. We tie a strong, sparkly strand painlessly to a small piece of your hair to give you a little bit of sparkle and flair. It takes only 10-15 minutes for us to place either 6 or 12 strands. Lots of colors to choose from. Each fairy hair lasts until that individual strand falls out, so it can last months or a day. Typical results are 3 weeks but there is no guarantee - it could be 3 months. You can wash, brush, curl, flat iron and dry your hair normally, but we recommend gently as it can pull the strand out. We also offer party fairy hair that you can add onto a Birthday Party or Girls Night Out that only lasts 1-3 days.

Please contact the store if you cannot keep your appointment, you may change the day/time up to 2 hours before the appointment. Sorry there are no refunds on missed or cancelled reservations. Appointments will be considered no-show after 5 minutes of starting time.

By appointment only. 6 Strands for $25 or 12 Strands for $40

If you want to book within the next 3 days, please call the store to check for availability.

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Come in anytime and put your nose to work exploring combinations of our fragrance oils. 

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