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Purple Bubble Fragrance Nar
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Disposable Face Masks (x10)

$10.00 each

10-pack single use face masks (at $1.00 each) shipped directly to your home or business. 

  • $10 per 10-pack
  • 3-layer non-woven material
  • Comfortable nose pad with ear loops
  • One size fits most
  • FDA Approved, Level 1 Grade
Units Product Cost
1 10-Pack (10 masks) $10
2 10-Packs (20 masks) $20
3 10-Packs (30 masks) $30
4 10-Packs (40 masks) $40
In Stock!

Come in anytime and put your nose to work exploring combinations of our fragrance oils. 

Get our monthly scent delivered right to you. 3-6-9-12 months available. A truly unique gift for someone special.

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